How to Uninstall AU/VST Plugins on a Mac FREE App

Uninstalling audio plugins on a Mac can be challenging as audio plugins install their files at various locations across the computer, and each developer has a different approach to where their files are stored.

However, with Audio Plugin Uninstaller, you can easily manage your plugins with just one click.

This free app allows you to uninstall VST, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP, and RTAS plugins with ease.

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Audio Plugin Uninstaller

Audio Plugin Uninstaller can help you try demos without worrying about cluttering your hard drive by allowing you to discover and test new plugins quickly and effortlessly. So, experience amazing new plugins with ease and never worry about cluttered hard drives again, thanks to Audio Plugin Uninstaller.

Do you have plugins causing issues, such as crashing your session or failing to appear? You can easily remove them with just one click. Also, if you’re tired of scrolling down a long plugin list, why not create a more serene and organized workspace by removing old plugins you no longer use?

If you want to explore installation packages and locate presets, preferences, and other hidden files for any plugin, they got you covered.

Audio Plugin Uninstaller Modes

There are two modes available – Uninstallers and All Plugins.

In Uninstaller mode, the original installation receipts are read, and the process is reversed to ensure that no files used by other plugins are uninstalled. If a plugin does not appear, it has no regular receipt. However, you can still remove it using All Plugins mode.

All Plugins mode can delete any plugin, which is ideal when there is no install receipt. You can also Filter by Plugin Format, allowing you to remove the formats you no longer use or Reveal in Finder in case you want to quarantine manually plugin for troubleshooting.

Works with all formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP, RTAS.

Audio Plugin Uninstaller Free Download

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