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ADSR Sounds Up To 97% Off & Free Plugin of the Month

ADSR Sounds offers a wide range of products from some leading software developers.

Here are the Latest Deals and Free Plug-in from ADSR SOUNDS.

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BASS RIFT Multi-Fx Tool for Sculpting Bass Sounds

Bass is the main power source of your tracks. Therefore, Instant Audio created the ultimate all-in-one bass sculpting tool designed for speed and power.

Bassrift seamlessly separates the low and high frequencies of your bass signal, empowering you to craft a tight, rumbling bottom end while simultaneously adding captivating and astonishing effects to the upper frequencies.

All that with maximum simplicity of use and efficiency.

Free Plugin of the Month

AX Chorus By Martinic

A unique chorus that adds instant analog character to your production. It includes options for mono or stereo operation in addition to models of both the AX60 and AX73 analog chorus effects. With 3-band EQ and tempo sync with your DAW, it’s incredibly flexible for shaping the perfect sound and adding warmth to any track.

ADSR SOUNDS Latest Deals & Free Plugin

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