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AI Tools Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence Tools in Our Daily Lives

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Welcome to the future, where artificial intelligence (AI) tools are seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, making tasks simpler, quicker, and more efficient.

Here are some AI Tools for music producers, songwriting, making money, images, blogging, writing, and more.

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AI Sample Pack-Generator by Output

Co-Producer is a tool to help spark inspiration and kickstart your songwriting process. Type in a prompt, and they give you four original royalty-free music ideas to edit in your DAW.

AI Sample Pack-Generator



FREE Text to Music AI Google FX MUSIC | Generate Your Music | MusicLM DeepMind

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Setapp AI Apps


Setapp offers a variety of AI-powered apps to help you with your daily tasks. Here are some of the AI apps available on Setapp:

  1. Elephas: An AI-powered writing assistant that helps you improve your writing and communication skills.
  2. TypingMind: An AI-powered app that provides an AI assistant to help you with various tasks like writing, summarizing, and more.
  3. Plus: A text-based AI assistant that helps you with tasks like writing, translating, and summarizing.
  4. Craft: A document editor with an AI assistant that helps you create, edit, and organize your documents.

These are just a few of the many AI apps available on Setapp. Try them out and see how they can help you be more productive!

Setapp Invite

WA Business Hub AI Blog Writing Tools


The Wealthy Affiliate Business Hub is a platform that offers comprehensive resources and AI tools for individuals looking to create and grow a successful online business.

Embark on an exhilarating exploration of AI blog writing tools that revolutionize content creation. Unleash your creativity with many article ideas, seamlessly transforming them into a lucrative website within minutes.

With access to a Free Membership & eight training videos, elevate your expertise and amplify your online presence. Join us as we unravel AI blog writing tools’ limitless possibilities, empowering you to craft engaging content and establish a thriving digital footprint.

Wealthy Affiliate Business Hub With AI (Invite)

SEOWriting AI Coupon Code & Free Membership

SEOWriting AI Coupon Code

Are you tired of spending countless hours creating SEO content? Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new with SEOWriting AI. This powerful tool can revolutionize how you create content by generating articles, blog posts, affiliate content, and more with just one click. Save time and create quality content effortlessly with SEOWriting AI.

SEOWriting AI Coupon Code

Suno AI Music Creation Tool

Microsoft’s latest Copilot feature integrates with the AI music creation tool Suno, which lets anyone make songs with lyrics and vocal tracks.

The Suno plugin generates songs from start to finish, complete with lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals, based on the text prompts the user enters. Write a prompt like “a country song about a cold, snowy day” and let AI do the rest.

Suno AI Music Creation Tool


RipX DAW PRO comes with all of the features of the RipX AI DAW, and then adds advanced stem clean-up and audio manipulation tools to the workflow so you can create the highest quality extracted audio, and tweak / create sound at unprecedented levels of detail.

RipX DAW PRO adds the following features and much more:

  • Award-winning Audioshop® tools for fixing and cleaning up recordings quickly and easily
  • Unpitched audio editor for cleaning up noise separately from pitched sounds
  • The powerful and unique Harmonic Editor for the ultimate in sound editing
  • RipScript scripting language for building and customizing your own tools

Experience unprecedented control over notes, harmonics and unpitched sound, all in a powerful and easy-to-use click & drag interface

Rip Daw

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