September 4, 2017

Rowin Beat Loop Looper Pedal with Drum Machine First Look Review

Rowin Beat Loop Looper Pedal with Drum Machine Review

Here’s another cool looper pedal and other fine product from Rowin. The Rowin LBL-01 Beat Looper With Drum Machine is a looper pedal with built in drum machine with 40 drums grooves with intros – outros and fills. Up to 30 loops can be stored, with loop capability up to 5 minutes, and a total recording time up to a whopping 50 minutes.

Video Overview & How To Use:

What I Like:

    Easy to learn and easy to use.
    2 modes – you can sync the drums with the loop or not – my video shows them synced together.
    40 drum loops with fills intros and outros – the description say jazz and electronic drums but they are rock and electronic drums.
    I wrote a few new songs already just messing around with this looper.
    Export your loops to your computer with free software for Mac or PC.
    Overall this is a fun and cool songwriting tool, jamming tool and for live playing.

Product Description

The Rowin LBL-01 Beat Looper With Drum Machine is solid build by whole metal case, it is a fantastic tool for both solo and ensemble players, who thrive on creating dynamic, larger than life performances. Though small in size, the Beat Loop boasts an impressive array of features at its disposal. Whether you’re looking to create a simple loop to sing or jam over, or wish to build a full backing band for an accompanied performance, the Beat Loop will surprise you with what it can enable you to do. The only thing holding you back is your own ingenuity.

Where to Buy:

You can get the Rowin Beat Loop Looper Pedal with Drum Machine Get One Here.

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8 thoughts on “Rowin Beat Loop Looper Pedal with Drum Machine First Look Review

  • Does this pedal “quantize” the loops to the drums?
    That is, if you are a few miliseconds off in hitting the loop switch,
    will that get magnified every time thru the loop?
    Or does it sync your loop to the beat?

  • Thanks for your nice review. I have a few questions that will help my decision to buy this pedal. [1] Does it give a count-in bar before starting the loop recording? If so, does the count-in work on overdubs? Basically, I want to record a loop and then not rush in to the overdub – such functionality would be useful. [2] Is there a list of beats that are available on the looper? [3] Does the .wav file (recorded with the drums) exported to the computer includes only the loop or loop and drums? Thanks in advance.

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