30 Cheap Guitar Pedals

Over 30 Cheap Guitar Pedals That Work Great

Hi folks, Here’s a quick video overview of a bunch of inexpensive/ cheap guitar pedals I own and use in my studio and for live gigs sometimes. There are a few Major Brands such as Seymour Duncan & DigiTech but these are mostly pedals from Xvive and Donner. A link to all the individual blog[…]

Ammoon Stereo Looper Review

Ammoon Stereo Looper Review

Here’s another cool looper pedal and other fine product from Ammoon. The Ammoon Stereo Looper Guitar Effect Pedal has 10 Independent loops with 10 minutes recording time and unlimited overdubbing. You get 10 selectable, independent loops with each loop’s recording time up to 10 minutes. The true stereo connections allow looping of 2 separate instruments simultaneously. Reverse, 1/2 speed, undo/redo and fadeout effects all easily controlled via the dual footswitches. A footswitch can be added via the ext input for even more hands-free control.

Rowin Beat Loop Looper Pedal with Drum Machine Review

Rowin Beat Loop Looper Pedal with Drum Machine First Look Review

Here’s another cool looper pedal and other fine product from Rowin. The Rowin LBL-01 Beat Looper With Drum Machine is a looper pedal with built in drum machine with 40 drums grooves with intros – outros and fills. Up to 30 loops can be stored, with loop capability up to 5 minutes, and a total recording time[…]