Donner 10 Watt Guitar AMP DEA-1 Review

Donner Guitar Amp Review 10 Watt Classical Guitar AMP DEA-1

The Donner DEA-1 10 Watt Guitar amp is the first guitar amplifier from Donner. Well at least the first amp with a speaker, they also have their headphone pocket mini guitar amps. In Short: The DEA-1 amp gets loud for its size and you can play it at low volumes if needed. I turned the clean channel up to 4 before it was too loud that my neighbors might start to complain. (I’m in a New York City apartment)

I own lots of guitar effect pedals, so I was glad to hear it could handle them very well. I also tried it with The Ammoon PockRock Guitar Multi-effects Processor and got pleasing results. I was able to get some nice clean and dirty sounds without using pedals as well by just using the Donner Amp’s clean and gain/boost channel. Another nice thing about this amp is you can gain sounds at low volume levels.

Donner Guitar AMP DEA-1 Video Review

Overall I’m happy with this amp ( especially at its inexpensive price ) and would recommend it.

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You can buy the Donner Guitar Amp DEA.

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