December 27, 2016

Xvive Wave Phaser Bass Guitar Effects Pedal – W1 First Look

A very cool phaser guitar pedal from Xvive. Also works great on Bass.


Product Description

The Xvive Wave Phaser is a state-of-the-art phaser effect for guitar,bass, and other musical instruments with an electrical signal output.
Fully adjustable phaser;
“Intelligent”” envelope detector;
Adjustable sweep pattern and feedback control;
LFO (internal low frequency oscillator) sweep control;
Wide range of effects possible ;
Quiet operation with companding (compression/expansion) noise reduction circuitry;
Simple, easy to use design;
True Hard Wire Bypass;
“effects on” indicator light;
Original XVIVE tone – USA Design;
Durable all-metal housing;

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Get One Here – Amazon

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