November 29, 2016

Xvive Pedals Power Supply 8 Isolate DC Output for 9V/18V Guitar Effect Pedal First Look Review

Good Things come in small packages. In this case the size of a mini pedal.
This is a good size to fit in your setup with out losing much space. Love it.
I have tons of pedals, I’m always using them in different setups depending what I’m working on. Sometimes in the studio or playing out live. This pedal is great for both. Love it.

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Product Description

Any guitarist who wants to build a pedal board will come across two problems sooner or later. First of all, each pedal needs a power supply. You could use batteries but this is an expensive and time-consuming option. Secondly, you’ll quickly face a chaotic bundle of cables. Luckily, we have the solution in the form of the Xvive V19 Power Station, which powers up to eight effects pedals. Perhaps powering a pedal board isn’t really a fun thing to do, but Xvive definitely made it a lot easier.

About this Micro Power Supply
This Micro Power Supply has isolated outputs and is ideal for powering up to 8 guitar effects pedals.
This unit includes a 12V power supply and 8x individual power cables with ‘Boss’ styled end pins.


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