November 20, 2016

Xvive Overdrive Guitar Pedal – Sweet Leo O2 First Look Review

This is my 2nd device from the Xvive product line. The first was the Xvive U2 rechargeable 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System – Digital Guitar Transmitter Receiver

The Sweet Leo 02 Pedal is quite a bargain. It has a wide range of crunchy rhythm tones than can cover rock, blues and beyond. Very sweet lead sounds as well.

Can’t wait to check out more of Xvive products. Over all I’m happy with this product and would recommend it.

Product Description

This distortion pedal was designed by Thomas Blug, a famous German musician, guitarist, composer and musical electronic engineer.
Sweet Leo overdrive has fat and powerful character,the Growl knob control the blend of effects,even with full drive you could hear original tone.
It is desinged to be more rather than a rythm guitar pedals.
It does be have a tight lowend and plusing claringty even at high gain settings.
The level pulling the volume on the tone,you can roll back give you more clean boost pedal .
The tone rage is broad and also preserve the lowend that ensure your rythm plan doesn’t drop oout and get lost in mix.

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Get one Here – Amazon

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