January 2, 2017

Xvive Fuzz Overdrive Wave Phaser & Delay Bass Demo

Xvive Fuzz Overdrive Wave Phaser & Delay Bass Demo

I could spend hours coming up with tons of different effects and tones with these guitar pedals.

Also in this video:
Fender P Bass.
Xvive Mini Power Supply Pedal, Duet Looper, and Pedal Tuner.

Check the same pedals on Guitar.

In this video:
Xvive Wave Phaser Bass Guitar Effects Pedal – W1 – Here

  • Total (true) bypass with an LED effect-on indicator.
  • Intelligent envelope detector circuitry allows accurate and rapid staccato playing when strings muted between notes.
  • Envelope and LFO sweep control for a wide range of effects.
  • Companding noise reduction for quiet operation.
  • Fully adustable phaser,USA Designer Jamie Mallender.

Xvive Delay Guitar Effect Pedal Analog Delay Pedal Up to 600 Msec Delay Time-W3 – Here

  • Xvive Audio proprietary chip design (3005XVIVE BBD).
  • Delay time control,Up to 600 msec of delay time, Wide bandwidth, Feedback control
  • Buffered bypass with a 900K input impedance,Input drive gain control
  • Adjustable Blend control,Complex Rich Modulation, Adjustable modulation speed and depth
  • High-tech filtering and noise reduction circuitry,True stereo outputs

Xvive Overdrive Fuzz Bass Guitar Effects Pedal – W2 – Here

  • USA Designer Jamie Mallender.True bypass with LED effect on the indicator.
  • Long sustain with a wide range of tone adjustability.
  • Tube-like overdrive with gain adjustable from soft distortion to a screaming, highly compressed overdriven tube amp sound.
  • Mix both overdrive and fuzz effects as desired.
  • The unique ability to restore soft to loud playing dynamics to the normally compressed overdriven or fuzzed output.


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