December 10, 2016

Xvive Bass Squeezer Pedal Distortion, Compression, Overdrive First Look Review

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Product Description

The Bass Squeezer is idiot-proof

Engage the effect with the bomb-proof stomp switch blend the amount of compression
you desire into your bass signal with the “Compression” control and adjust the “Volume” control to suit your needs
You may wish for the effected signal to match the volume of your bass when the pedal is switched off.
Alternatively, you may wish to use the pedal as a boost or even cut the volume.
Whatever your compression needs are – the answer is here in a tiny, armageddon-proof box.
As an added bonus, this pedal comes complete with an optional overdrive circuit.
Simply flick the switch to on and dial in anything from a subtle edge to a dirty overdriven amp sound with the “Overdrive” control.”
In short, this is a versatile pedal that is easy to use and will revolutionise your bass sound.

Get One Here – Amazon

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Get One Here – Amazon

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