November 27, 2016

Xvive Auto Wah Pedal Envelope Filter – First Look Review

Xvive Auto Wah Pedal Envelope Filter - First Look Review

In the video demo I used a Danelectro 12 String Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar and a Fender Bass VI.
I really like the senstivity knob, this allows you to play soft without the effect and then kick it in when playing harder.
Plays nice with other effects as well.

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Product Description

100% Analog design with True Bypass circuitry.
Dynamic ‘Wah’ effect while playing rhythm.
Cool, Funky, Twangin’ ‘Wah’ tones created with single note solos.
Double peak envelope sweep filter.
Great for guitar or bass.
Quick auto-reset envelope for even rapid fire playing.
Innovative circuit for an incredibly responsive envelope performance.
Slow/Fast toggle switch.
Sensitivity/Sustain/Depth controls.
Excellent dynamic response.
Simple, easy to use design.
“Effects on” indicator light.
Original XVIVE tone.
Micro pedal package – very small and compact.
Durable all-metal housing.

Input: 1/4” monaural jack (impedance: 470k ohms)
Output: 1/4” monaural jack( impedance: 150R ohms)
Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug)
Current Draw: 30 mA

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