November 27, 2016

Xvive Analog Delay Guitar Pedal First Look Review

Xvive Analog Delay Guitar Pedal First Look Review

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Product Description

The Memory Analog Delay was designed in the USA by our Chief Design Engineer, Howard Davis.XVIVE Audio has spent several years in development designing and refining a new analog Bucket Brigade Device that rivals the old 3005 in every way but size and cost.

The new XVIVE Audio Memory Analog Delay is an analog delay with a rich organic tone that that can easily be shaped by an intuitive process.

The flexibility of adding echo, delay, chorus, vibrato, etc. make the Memory Analog Delay a must have on any effects board.

XVIVE Audio proprietary chip design (3005XVIVE BBD).
Delay time control.
Up to 600 msec of delay time
Buffered bypass with a 900K input impedance
Wide bandwidth
Feedback control
Input drive gain control
Bypass and effect-on signal levels act in tandem
Adjustable Blend control
Complex Rich Modulation
Adjustable modulation speed and depth
High-tech filtering and noise reduction circuitry
True stereo outputs

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