Fender Strap Blocks vs YMC Guitar Strap Bocks

YMC Premium Strap Locks (4 Pair) – 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Black, 2 Clear

  • Work with most OEM strap buttons. Easy install – Beats the heck out of drilling out your guitar for the fancy straplocks!
  • Easily slip over existing strap buttons. No need to remove or replace existing strap buttons on your guitar.
  • Lock your strap in seconds. Nothing mechanical to break or wear out. Don’t need to buy a special connector for each strap and guitar
  • Available in convenient eight-packs, these are the deluxe boys made out of the better, stretchier rubber. And you get 4 great colors: Red, Blue, Black, and Clear
  • Simple, inexpensive, and low-profile! All the cool kids are using ’em. Just pop ’em on and voila! No drilling, no screwing – just that great secure feeling!


YMC Premium Strap Locks (4 Pair) – 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Black, 2 Clear

Fender Strap Blocks (2 Pair)

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