Enya Tenor Electric Ukulele EUT X1+EQ First Look Review

Hi, folks, today I got another ukulele, this time around it’s The Enya HPL Tenor Electric Ukulele EUT-X1+EQ and it’s quite a value indeed. Tenor ukuleles are a little bigger than their Concert and Soprano siblings, they are all tuned the same but with a lower body tone. This Enya Ukulele is also available in Concert and Soprano sizes and with and without the preamps/eq.

Enya Tenor Electric Ukulele Video Overview:

What I Like:

  • A quality ukulele at an inexpensive price.
  • Ready for a stage and studio ready ukulele and a nice set of accessories.
  • Built in pickups/preamp with vol and eq.
  • Looks and plays great with good sound.
  • Durable built.

Sounds good though my amp. Not in my video but I’ve done some recording with it as well.

Where To Buy:

You can find The Enya HPL Tenor Electric Ukulele EUT-X1+EQ


– Also available in Concert and Soprano sizes.

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