October 16, 2017

Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System DWS-2 Review

Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System Review DWS-2 Digital Guitar Bass Audio Transmitter Receiver

A few weeks ago I took a look at The Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System DWS-1. Today, I take a look at the Donner DWS-2 wireless system. The DWS-2 is more compact and has some extra features like a +5dB switch, and a 180°rotatable head. In short, it’s a nice upgrade from the DWS-1. Let’s take a look:

Donner Wireless Guitar System DWS-2 Review

What I Like:

The +5dB is a great extra feature to this wireless system.
Fits and stay well in my guitars. Side and top loading guitars/ basses (Teles, Jaguar, Strat, Jazz Bass P Bass and more)
Clear Sound.
Easy to use and setup.
Compact, Durable & Lightweight.
2.5 battery life with extra removable batteries.

Overall this is a very nice inexpensive wireless system and I would recommend it.


  • 1. This guitar wireless system has high-quality tone, ultra short delay, less than 2.5ms Latency, easy to use, plug and play.
  • 2. Uncompressed wireless transmitting, the transmission distance is more than 100 feet range.
  • 3. Rechargeable lithium battery, 2.5 hours of battery life, and with USB port for charging.
  • 4. Supports 4 sets of devices working at the same time, one-to-one or one-to-two or one-to-three transmission
  • 5. 180°rotatable head, available for most electric musical instruments, electric guitars, bass, electric-acoustic guitars, etc.

Where To Buy:

You can buy The Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System DWS-2 on:

Get One Here

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