August 6, 2017

Donner DP 4 Power Supply 8 Plus Isolated Outputs SAG 4~9V Guitar Pedals

Donner Guitar Effect Pedals Power Supply DP-4 8 Plus Isolated Output for 9:12:18V 4~9V Pedals

At this point in time, I own about 20 guitar pedals made by Donner, a few of their Pedalboards and the Donner DP 2 Guitar Pedal Power Supply. The Donner DP 4 Power Supply is a nice upgrade from the DP2 & DP3. In short: I’m very happy with this one as well and it will have a nice long life in my studio.

My thoughts:

The Donner DP 4 is a well built and durable power supply. I’ll be using this mostly in my home studio for recording. I really like having the SAG settings/ 4Volt to 9 Volt on outputs 7 and 8. This opens up a whole new territory for overdrive, and distortion pedals. Lowering the voltage on overdrive pedals really changes the sound. I was able to create some nice fuzz, lofi, breaking up speaker kind of sounds and some other cool tones. I’ll be doing a lot more experimenting with these settings.

Donner Guitar Effect Pedals Power Supply DP-4 8 Plus Isolated Output for 9/12/18V 4~9V Pedals










Ease of Use



  • 8 ISO Outputs
  • Two SAG controls, output Jack 7 and 8 are controls to vary the voltage from 4V to 9V.
  • Internal toroidal transformer with additional magnetic field shielding, short circuit, and overcurrent protection design.
  • Output Jack 5/6/7/8 have two options, you can use the DIP switch to choose 9V or 12V/18V.
  • 1 Year Warranty and 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee Backed Up By Donners Awesome Customer Support.


  • None to think of

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