Donner Alpha Force High Gain Delay Chorus Pedal First Look Review

Donner Alpha Force High Gain Delay Chorus Pedal First Look Review

Donner has proven to be a quality company in the guitar pedal market over the last few years. I own about 24 of their guitar pedals, 3 of their ukulele’s, and some of their other music related products.
Considering the price and getting 3 effects in one pedal, The Alpha Force 3 is a great bang for the buck. This pedal also comes with its own power adapter (9V 500mA). The cord for the power adapter is about 10 feet long and the pedal itself has a nice small form factor with cool looks.

Other features include tiny knobs for vol, tone, gain, and so on. The knobs seem like plastic with a rubber outer padding. Despite being close together they are easy to turn without moving the other knobs next to them. Each effect has three control knobs and they are as follows.

Hi Gain: Vol, Tone, and Gain.

Chorus: Level, Rate, and Depth.

Delay: Level, Feedback, and Delay

The whole pedal is only about 7 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches with 6 rubber feet on the bottom so it would move around on the floor.

I’m not a metal player so my demo sounds are more rock.
In my demo video, I used a Telecaster with a Humbucking bridge pickup and occasionally switched to the single coil neck pickup though a Yamaha THR10 Modeling amp. I have a tube amp but would probably get evicted if I cranked it up to test it. I’ll have to save that for the rehearsal studio. I was able to get some nice hard rock tones and other effects messing around with the delay and chorus.

Not in video, but I also played it with a single coil American Tele with the tone knob all the way down and got some very nice crunch and heavy distorted sounds. plus some wacky sounds playing with the delay and chorus. Obviously, depending on your guitars and amps you will get different results.

Overall I would recommend this pedal and since it’s reasonably priced with 3 effects it’s a no brainer.

Product Introduction:

Alpha Force is an effects chain which combines three types of effects in one, including an analog distortion, a dreamy chorus, and analog-voiced delay. Delay model produces a warm, analog-voiced delay with rich echo feedback, the max delay time is 1000ms. Chorus model provides a pure and warm sound to create a dream world of chorus. Higain model insanely heavy distortion is perfect for metal and rock styles. It is characterized by its portable size, user-friendly form factor and stunning tone. LED indicator shows the working state.

  • 3 types of guitar effects in one chain: Delay, Chorus, and Higain
  • Insanely heavy distortion with full range response.
  • Bright, warm chorus module for creating the natural sense of space
  • Analog-voiced delay module with rich echo feedback.
  • Whole Aluminium-alloy, stable and strong, LED indicator shows the working state

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Donner Alpha Force High Gain Delay Chorus Guitar Pedal. Get One Here.

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