December 3, 2016

Xvive Overdrive Fuzz Bass Guitar Effects Pedal – W2 First Look Review

I love the many tones I got from this pedal for both guitar and bass. It’s very easy to blend tones and come up with some great sounding quickly. Nice crunchy rhythm and fuzz leads and a lot in between.

The Dynamics knob all the way down adds compression and sustain. Add a little to the drive and set to all distortion and you have a great clean but fatter bass sound. Turn up the drive to taste. This may be my new Bass DI Box.

I play both guitar & bass and the W2 has a nice wide range of tones for both.

For the video demo I ran it direct into a Focusrite Safire Pro 40 sound card, then right into Logic Pro using the default Logic amp setting. I was quite amazed by what it sounds like.

Over all I’m happy with this product and would recommend it.

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Product Description

The Xvive Overdrive/Fuzz is a state-of-the-art effect for guitar, bass.
Overdrive and Fuzz in one with adjustable blend;
Bass and Treble Control;
Dynamic Response Control;
Wide range of effects possible – including;
Extremely long sustain fuzz, with a wide range of tonal adjustability;
Tube-like overdrive with gain adjustable from soft distortion to a screaming, highly compressed overdriven tube amp sound;
Simple, easy to use design;
True Hard Wire Bypass;
“effects on” indicator light;
Original XVIVE tone – USA Design;
Durable all-metal housing.

Please note: The XVIVE Overdrive/Fuzz is powered by 18-volt adapter such as Xvive 18v-200mA adapter. If the polarity is incorrect the pedal will not operate, but will not be damaged.

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