The Loop Locker First Look Review

The Loop Locker is made by loop guru, Ryan Gruss the same guy behind The Loop Loft. The Loop Locker offers exclusive access to some of the world’s top musicians loops tutorials. The Loop Locker records the world’s best musicians in the world’s top studios and brings their groove, sample packs, and musical DNA straight into your production. Here’s an inside first look review.

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First Months Sample Packs:

Each month you get new sample packs, tutorials, and other exclusive content.

the-loop-locker-first-look-review-MIDI-drums-classic-beatsClassic MIDI Drum Loops

From Kanye to Clapton, Dylan to Daft Punk, Bowie to Prodigy, They meticulously reproduced 100 classic drum grooves in MIDI format, giving you unprecedented access to some of the most iconic beats of our time.

With drum tracks that span from Zeppelin’s bombastic “When The Levee Breaks” to the subtle brush work in James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”, Classic Beats is the first MIDI drum collection to serve up authentic and accurate drum tracks from a massive range of chart-topping songs.

Whether you’re a producer crafting a new song inspired by a certain beat or a musician covering a certain tune, Classic Beats will give you instant access to grooves that are 100% true to the originals.

the-loop-locker-first-look-review-dry-drums-sample-pack-vol1Dry Drums Vol. 1 (214 Loops)

Ever since Ringo Starr placed tea towels on his drums with The Beatles, the punchy, fat sound of “dry drums” has been sought after for decades.  With Dry Drums Vol 1. You get this classic sound served up in six complete loop sessions and a variety of meticulously sampled drum kits. See video for sound demos.

Recorded with an array of vintage mics, preamps, and fully dampened heads, Dry Drums will easily sit in any mix, while providing the punch and clarity that is almost impossible to achieve with overly “live” sounding loops and samples.  Each session comes complete with a multitude of beats, fills and transitions, allowing you to easily arrange your own custom drum track in seconds.

the-loop-locker-first-look-review-charlie-hunter-funk-guitar-sample-packCharlie Hunter Funk Guitar

The bar on authentic funk guitar and bass loops has just been raised. Introducing Charlie Hunter Funk Guitar, the most comprehensive (and funky) loop library ever produced. See video for sound demos.

Focusing on iconic funk and R&B grooves from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, Charlie Hunter Funk Guitar is the first library of its kind to accurately represent the sounds, feel and “vibe” of legendary artists like James Brown, Booker T. & the M.G.’s, Parliament Funkadelic and many others, all in one loop pack.

This massive library features 11 complete sessions, each containing separate bass guitar, tenor guitar, rhythm guitar and lead guitar, allowing you to easily drag, drop, arrange and mix your own custom guitar “ensemble”.

First Month Tutorials & Interview

Watch an end-to-end song creation process for mixing digital loops with real instrumentation and vocals. A must-watch for singer-songwriters and musicians who want the human, authentic sound of acoustic accompaniment while leveraging the DAWs capabilities to the fullest to expedite workflow.

  • Lesson 1: Working With Loops In Your DAW
    Lesson 2: Creating A Track From Loops
    Lesson 3: Filling Out The Song and Layering
    Lesson 4: Intro To Mixing
  • An Exclusive 4-Part Video Interview With Omar Hakim (Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, Weather Report, Sting, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kate Bush, Dire Straits, Journey, David Bowie, Bryan Ferry)

World’s Top Musicians Loops, Tutorials & More The Loop Locker DrummersTHE LOOP LOCKER FEATURES

  • 24 New Loop Libraries. All-Star Roster From legendary musicians like Omar Hakim (Sting, Daft Punk) to Nate Smith (Michael Jackson, Solo) to Matt Chamberlain (Kanye West, David Bowie) & many more, The Loop Locker gives you unprecedented access to studio legends.
  • Unlocked Each Year + Bonuses (Over $1100 in Loops)
  • Premium Loop Formats. Loops work in any music software. Whether you use Ableton (Ableton Live Packs), Reason (Reason Refills), Logic, Pro Tools or any other DAW. All loops are 100% royalty-free.
  • MIDI + Stereo Loops & Samples
  • Access Training Courses. Everything from composition, producing, mixing, mastering to marketing your music the right way. All instructors are world-class artists and experts.
  • All Basic Courses Included + 3 Premium Courses
    Private Facebook Group Access

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8 thoughts on “The Loop Locker First Look Review

  • For ten years or more I have used Ubuntu Studio as my primary operating system foregoing Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu Studios is an Open Source operating system made for creators and has many Video, Audio, Graphic and Publishing tools. During all of this time I have never tried to make music. I would have thought that would be the first thing I tried. LOL.
    Dry Drums seems to be interesting. I miss live music and have forgotten how real drums sound. Does Dry drums sound like real drums? That alone would be worth a try if you are looking to great music.

  • Yes, The Dry Drum sounds like real drums because they are real drums played by a real drummer. There are some sound demos in the video above.

  • Finally, top sounds made by top artist available at one great location!
    The added information here with tutorials, videos and interviews really makes this awesome!

  • This is a great tool to make our own music for our own videos. I have some experience editing video and audio has always been a problem for copyright. I have never created a song from loops and I`m very interesting in doing so. In your opinion what is the best DAW for you?

  • I mostly use Logic only because I used it for so long and know it very well. most of the DAW’s do the same thing, The best one for you would depend on a few things. What kind of music do you make?
    If you use a Mac, start with GarageBand.

  • I think I know what get for my brother’s birthday now it seems really nice and I think he will just love that new content will come every month. I also remember he mentioned Charlie Hunter last month I hope I remember it right.

  • Hey Greg, awesome article. I used to use Live Suite 8 and Reason 4 a lot… and this is something I have been waiting for for some time now. It’s really nice to finally find some other software suites out there that can do more of what’s in line with my true musical DNA! Thanks for the great content!

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