Diego Stocco Builds an Entire Orchestra of Modified Instruments [Video]

Diego Stocco has always been fascinated by the raw musical power that an orchestra can express, so, after creating a series of videos where he performs a multi-track piece with an instrument he designed, he decided to take the concept a step farther and create his own orchestra made of unusually unique instruments. The project[…]

goodEar – Ear Training on iPad

Professional musicians know, that having a good trained ear is one of the most important skills, a musician should have. goodEar was made to increase those skills and bring you on a new musical level! It is made for all musicians, whether you are beginner or professional. Functions: ➤ Choose from four different modes: scales,[…]

John Lennon & Yoko Ono Double Fantasy (Stripped Down) Album Full Stream [Audio]

John Lennon’s final album, 1980’s Double Fantasy, is a stirring mixture of songs about love and family as well as plenty of odes to unabashed rock ‘n’ roll. This new version, Double Fantasy Stripped Down, features the original album as well as Lennon’s original mix, which pares down the instrumentation and gives more focus to[…]

Pink Floyd Back On iTunes – Albums Remastered for iTunes

Pink Floyd is back on iTunes with The Discovery Box Set (Remastered) – Pink Floyd Since 1967 Pink Floyd have produced one of the most outstanding and enduring catalogues in the history of recorded music. All 14 original Studio albums have now been painstakingly digitally remastered for iTunes, and come as an iTunes LP. Also[…]