What Role Does Self-Confidence Play in a Band?

Join Brian Thompson, Michael Brandvold & co-host Greg Kihn for a discussion on the role that self-confidence plays in an artist’s success, on stage and off. Where does it come from? How is it developed? What’s at risk if it’s compromised? Press play and join us in the discussion. Enjoy the show. Download The Rock[…]

Inside Abbey Road Studios [Videos] Exclusive Multi-Episode Series

From the Beatles to Lady Gaga, Abbey Road Studios has played host to some of the world’s biggest artists. Sign up for an upcoming documentary series to go inside the legendary studio, and follow emerging UK band Strangefruit as they attempt to make their own mark in music history. Be a fly on the wall[…]

Kontor Records Releases Vinyl That Gets Scanned And Played By Your iPhone [Video]

After seeing their promos CDs get thrown in the trash all the time, dance label Kontor Records decided to get innovative. They began to mail vinyl promo copies where the packaging included a printed turntable with instructions to use an iPhone app that would scan the vinyl and then playback the sounds over their iPhone.[…]

Brian Eno Unpacks His Very Big Brain For 81 Minutes [Video]

Brian Eno showed off his very large brain to a select group of journalists and upstart musicians for a moderated discussion hosted by the Red Bull Music Academy, which has set up shop in New York City for a series of events happening throughout the month of May.

Alec Baldwin Interviews Thom Yorke [Audio]

Alec Baldwin sits down with Thom Yorke, the front man of Radiohead, who has a new album, Amok, with the music project Atoms for Peace. Even after over 25 years in the business, Yorke admits performing is “either wicked fun or really awful.” He talks with Alec about what he does before going on stage[…]

A Look Behind Zildjian Cymbals: America’s oldest family business 390 Years [Video]

America’s oldest family business: Zildjian cymbals TODAY’s Bob Dotson explores the history of Zildjian, a company that began in Turkey in the 17th century and hasn’t seen a layoff in recent memory. Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy See how Zildjian makes its famous cymbals Take a look inside[…]

Bandcamp Adds Fan Profile Accounts

Bandcamp is introducing social network elements based on the activities that already occur on the site. Fan accounts are currently in private beta, but will open to everyone soon. Check out a fan account to learn more. Fans will get a beautiful, customizable page where they can show off their music collection and share their[…]