June 17, 2013

Demo of All 22 Pianos & Styles in Session Band Piano App for iOS

SessionBand_Piano_Edition_Icon_138With over 7,000 precision-cut, chord-based piano loops recorded exclusively by Tom Cawley, one of the world’s leading pianists, SessionBand – Piano Edition instantly converts the chords you select into great sounding audio – wherever you are and whatever your ability.

And with a host of pro features like auto-transpose, one-touch live recording and Audiobus compatibility – allowing you to seamlessly export our unique content into other top music apps like GarageBand – it has never been easier or quicker to create your own studio-quality music, even if you can’t play a note!

SessionBand – Piano Edition is a unique app for songwriters, singers, producers and anyone who wants to quickly create professional piano tracks.

Here’s a demo of all 22 Pianos / Styles using the same chord progression.

SessionBand for iPad

SessionBand for iPhone

Universal Apps

SessionBand – Jazz Edition

SessionBand – Piano Edition

SessionBand – Acoustic Guitar Edition

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2 thoughts on “Demo of All 22 Pianos & Styles in Session Band Piano App for iOS

  • Nice one Greg. yes a really nice sounding and useful app. I like style no 17 best and the Alicia Keys ones. Very good. Nice to hear real piano and not midi…full sounding bass notes.
    There’s a new Jazz app too which sounds v interesting. Am about to buy it now. P

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